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The Morehouse Residential College is a commitment between the men of Morehouse and the Department of Housing & Residential Education to enhance the students' experience and success. This commitment requires students to live on-campus for three years.

Morehouse College believes that students who live on-campus are more likely to stay enrolled, persist towards graduation in a timely manner, and feel connected to the campus community.  Research shows that living on campus has several positive outcomes that help students developmentally. Empirical research reveals seven areas in which residence halls have a significant impact on students (Blimling, 2003)
Retention - Students have greater expectations for academic achievement and are     more likely to remain in college.

Co-curricular Involvement - More involved in campus activities. Students learn to work with     others, manage budgets, express their ideas in meetings, negotiate with     others, and follow through with projects.

Personal Growth and Development - Students meet more challenges, mature more quickly and learn to     become interdependent.
Interpersonal Relationships - Students build strong friendships and share more experiences. They     interact more, develop more tolerance, and experience more cultural     diversity.

Faculty Interaction
- Students have more contacts with faculty both in the residence     halls and due to closer proximity to faculty offices.

Positive Feelings about Campus Experiences     -  Students     feel that the campus is more comfortable, more educationally purposeful, more     supportive, and more enjoyable yielding higher overall satisfaction with     their college experience.

first-year houses

Our First-Year Residential Experience aims to ground our students in the tools necessary to not only survive but to thrive here at Morehouse College. Each of our First Year Houses have active opportunities for student leadership, a team of Resident Advisors(RA) and a Residential Academic Mentor (RAM). The RAM provides students with academic coaching and other forms of academic support such as tutoring, study skill acquisition, etc. Every first year House provides an intimate sense of community. Click on one of our Houses below to learn more about the programs and functions of that community.
Brazeal House
Graves House
Hubert House
Living Learning Center
DuBois House
White House

upperclassmen houses

Our upperclassmen residential experience is geared towards meaningful interactions that increases a students chance at success through educational programming and social engineering. We aim to deliver services that create Morehouse Men with preeminent character. Click on one of our Houses below to learn more about the programs and functions of that community.
Otis Moss Suites
Perdue House
Kilgore Residential Commons
Robert House
Mays House

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Summer Housing

Summer Housing is available from May-August. Mays House is the residential space reserved for Morehouse students who are attending summer session or have a documented internship/research experience in the Atlanta area.

Cost: $22/day

You can apply on Tigerden.
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