Learning is everywhere

Everywhere you go

According to the Morehouse College Department of Housing and Residential Education (DHRE) Mission:  “Programming services are intentionally designed to facilitate intellectual and personal growth, cultural awareness and appreciation, social responsibility, ethical leadership, and academic excellence.”  The Residential College platform at Morehouse College is aligned with the mission; to create an environment during which Men of Morehouse are expected to master a designated set of skills and competencies related to what they learn inside the classroom.

Your support system

Recognizing that a majority of student hours are spent outside of the classroom, DHRE contributes to the personal development and academic growth of our students through an array of high quality and comprehensive learning opportunities in a supportive campus environment.  All programs and services are student-centered and provide a bridge to the academic programs of the College. Students have opportunities to gain advise, guidance, and mentorship from peers, faculty, and staff. 

Residential academic programs

The living experience is very impactful on the development of college-aged students, furthermore, when a student’s academics and/or professional interests are combined with their living environment, students’ academic and social experience is enhanced. Morehouse College offers a variety of residential academic programs that allow students with similar interests or goals to live and study together in community.

All of our Residential Academic Programs (RAPs) are housed within one of our residential houses and provide a smaller, more intimate environment for the exploration of a specific field of study or interest. By thinking, studying, living and learning with others who share and understand their aspirations, students can maximize both their academic and personal experiences at Morehouse.
Signifying (Freshmen)
The Signifying RAP is geared toward freshment students who are interested in creative, performing, and visual arts.
BOSS (Freshmen)
The BOSS RAP is geared toward freshmen students who are majoring in business or economics.
Global Learning & Leadership (Freshmen)
This RAP is geared toward students interested in global education and foreign affairs.
iSTEM (Freshmen)
Explore the medical sciences, cutting edge engineering, new media and internet technology in this co-curricular program

Structured learning cohorts

Small cohorts - big learning!
Bayard Rustin Scholars
A co-curricular program that foster social justice advocates to carry the ideals of the human rights activist, Bayard Rustin
Vanguard Scholars
A 3-semester leadership & professional development, structured-learning cohort experience
King Legacy Scholars
The King Legacy Scholars Program offers a range of extra-curricular activities which complement the classroom experience