frequently asked questions

I have a special housing accommodation request, what do I do?

Americans with Disabilities Act: Housing Accommodation Requests

Students requesting ADA housing accommodations will need to register first with the Morehouse College Office of Disability Services. Once registered, the Disability Resource Center will communicate your accommodation requests to the Office of Housing and Res Education. Our staff will work to book you into an available housing assignment. Depending on your individual accommodation requests and available space, some requests cannot always be guaranteed. For more information on Morehouse College’s Disability Services you can click here.

I would like to request a single room, is this possible?

Single Occupancy Rooms at Morehouse varies from year to year based on available space and class size. The upperclassmen hall, Joseph T. Robert House and, the Otis Moss Suites are the only spaces on campus with true “core singles,” (rooms built for one.) 

For the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Academic year, there will be no Single Occupancy rooms offered.

 If you are an incoming or current student that has a disability that may require single occupancy accommodations, please contact the Office of Disability Services. Please note that some requests cannot always be guaranteed and that approval for a single room will need to be renewed through the Office of Disability services with OHRE every year.

How do I apply for exemption from the Three-Year Live On Requirement?

Morehouse College has a three year live on requirement that applies to ALL New Students/Transfer students class of 2020 or greater, and current Morehouse students in the class of 2018, and 2019. This requirement means that you are required to live on campus until your senior year at the College.

If you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior and would like to live off campus you must complete the three-year exemption form. Here

*Please allow up to 1 week for confirmation (up to 2 weeks during OHRE’s Summer busy season) of your application status. Please do not sign any leases for off-campus housing until you are approved. Pre-signing a lease will not exempt your application being denied.