Signifying (Freshmen)

If people can read the essays in your art and your music plays videos in your audience’s minds, then your photo stillsdance to silent beats in the streets, and your spoken word brings the deaf to their feet. The Signifying ResidentialAcademic Program fosters the collective inspiration of Black artists between mediums and disciplines building oncultural intersections. Despite varying experiences, expressions and skills, we are all artists and this is Signifying. ThisResidential Academic Program will emphasize:

  • Providing a residential hub for the exploration of the creative, visual & performing arts.
  • Offering students from various majors the opportunity to connect their career pursuits with a study in the creative,visual & performing arts.
  • Exploring different ways to use creative arts to promote social change and personal development.
  • Encouraging residents to explore many different mediums of the creative, visual, and performing arts.
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