Global Learning & Leadership (Freshmen)

The Global Learning & Leadership Residential Academic Program is a society without walls where more than just currency isexchanged. Here at the GL&L RAP, one can engage in first-hand accounts of globalization. The Global Learning & Leadership RAP isa unique learning community that brings together students from various backgrounds in an atmosphere that promotes mutual respect,leadership development, multicultural learning and global awareness through: 

  • Establishing a supportive community for students while providing a variety of cultural activities for learning about the United Statesand countries around the world
  • Initiating and sustaining collaborations between the student scholars of GL&L RAP and organizations within the Morehousecommunity
  • Participation in experiential learning opportunities that increase awareness of global issues as students develop their role ascontributing global citizens
  • Facilitating educational exchanges between International and U. S. students while promoting participation in Morehouse studyabroad programs
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